Baccarat Strategies: Avant Dernier/Follow the Shoe

Though it is a fact that you can't use the same strategy you have for blackjack for baccarat that doesn't go on to say that you can't use any form of baccarat strategy at all. These two games have different natures, thus you can never use the strategy of one game for the other. Baccarat is a game of chance while blackjack is a strategy game based on player skill.

Though that may be true for baccarat, there are a couple of betting strategies that still remain popular among many players. These follow and work with the nature of the game thus are guaranteed more success compared to using blackjack card counting in a game of baccarat. The two baccarat strategies are Avant Dernier and Follow the Shoe.

Both these baccarat strategies are simple and take advantage of the possibilities open in the game. The first baccarat strategy we'll look at is called Follow the Shoe. This baccarat strategy takes note of the occurrence of clumped wins or winning runs that occur during the course of a game. It is a fact that you'll find that sometimes either the banker hand wins in a succession or the player hand wins one round after another.

In Follow the Shoe you first check out which hands win as you play. If for instance you have a win pattern of player, player, banker. This means both hands somehow alternate winning each round in baccarat. Your next bet will be on banker, which is the idea behind this baccarat strategy where you always bet on the last winning hand. This baccarat strategy takes advantage of winning runs when they come.

Let's move on to the Avant Dernier baccarat strategy. Like Follow the Shoe, Avant Dernier is also popular among many baccarat players. The Avant Dernier betting strategy works like Follow the Shoe however, you will be betting on the previously winning hand.

For example, a winning pattern goes like player, banker, banker, and player. In the Avant Dernier system you'll be betting on banker, the previously winning hand, whereas in Follow the Shoe you'll bet on player, the last winning hand. The Avant Dernier baccarat strategy also hopes to catch a winning streak, however it also holds up to alternating win patterns. Follow the Shoe cannot take advantage of alternating wins unlike the Avant Dernier.

Using any baccarat strategy like these two will take advantage of certain factual events that occur in the game. However, you should take note that neither of these two guarantee that players will win every single time. Nevertheless, these two strategies do have notable success rates that they remain popular among baccarat players.