The Basics of Baccarat

Baccarat has always had that glamorous and sophisticated aura that surrounds it. This may be because of the perception that only high rollers and big time spenders are the ones that are playing the game. Add this to the fact that in most casinos, there is a special room dedicated to baccarat only, complete with beautiful women and tuxedo-clad personnel.

These reasons, combined with the lack of actual knowledge of the game's basics have caused relatively modest and casual players to steer clear of the game. This is unfortunate as the basics of baccarat, compared with those of other more popular casino games such poker and blackjack, is very much easier to learn and play and it is no less than enjoyable than the said games.

If you are one of such players who does not have an inkling as to what baccarat is all about, here are the game's basics to help you get into the game and enjoy its entertaining game play.

The basics of baccarat's are very much simple to learn and understand especially if one has a background on blackjack. Like blackjack, the objective of players in baccarat is to have a hand total that is as close as possible as to the target total. Unlike in blackjack however, the target total in the game is 9.

There are two hands that play in the game, the banker hand and the player hand. Each of the two hands initially receives 2 cards. Both can have an additional card.

Cards with a face value of 10 and face cards (kings, queens, & jacks) all have a value of 0 in the game. In baccarat, one gets the total value of a hand by simply adding the value of the cards in that hand. If the value is over 10, one disregards the first digit of the total. To illustrate, if a hand has a total of 15, one must disregard the 1 which makes the total value of the hand as 5.

If a two-card hand's total is 9, then it is considered to be a natural and it automatically wins. Hands with two cards that have a total of 8 are also considered to be natural. In case both hands are naturals then the one that has a higher value wins. It is a tie if both has the same value.

The basics of baccarat are pretty simple, especially if one has played similar games in the past. It is also very much as enjoyable as the other more popular games out there which makes it important for one to learn the basics of baccarat if one is to broaden one's array of favorite casino games.